IQ Genius - Play to increase your IQ or just play to have fun!

Block Builder - Stack a tower to the top. You will need impeccable timing to become a skilled master of this game!

PCB Current - Shoot em up game of speed and accuracy. Current flows from left to right frying the circuit on each miss!

Space Trader - Trade between 45 planets in this intergalactic galaxy.

Talking Text - Type the most silly, funny, confusing or weird sentences you can think of and talking text will say it out load.

Grain Equilibrium - This app is for farmers who need to regulate the moisture content in their grain bins

Sky Jump - Jumping, avoiding deadly falls and finding the right path(s) are just some aspects of this game.

Boxisics - When boxes meet physics! This is an exciting game of blasting boxes off plateforms.

In this awesome game of Blasting off blocks, you be tried and tempted to use every physics bone in your body. You'll need to knock off enouph boxes each level to obtain 100 points to move on. You can use an unlimited number of REDO's to meet your goal.
· 20 mind blowing levels
· Over 30 achievments to obtain
· OpenFeint Scoring-Chating
Boxisics will be 33% off for the first 10,000 downloads. Selling for $1.99!!! Hurry and download your copy in the app store now!
Every level is carefully created to challence even the most seasoned gamer! This game is very similar to the number ONE played flash game called Blosics. Blosics has been one of the most played flash games for quite sometime now. Kechbs Software has recreated this top flash app and brought it to the iPhone/iPod for everyone enjoyment!

Skyjump is one of my favorite games I grew to love on my TI-CALC. You may have known this game as Plain Jump or Sky Roads. There have been many names for this addicting 3d game brought to you by Kechbs Software. Regardless, this game will challenge any gamers abilities. You will need impecable reflexes and unpresident timing.
· Features 24 levels
· Online Scoring
· Endless Gamemode
Each level will have many stars that need collected. Stars are worth 3-points apeice!

Online scoring will allow you to compete against the world. There are charts for each: Endless Mode and Levels Mode. You'll be able to home-in on your best score by practicing each level in the Level Selector

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