IQ Genius - Play to increase your IQ or just play to have fun!

Block Builder - Stack a tower to the top. You will need impeccable timing to become a skilled master of this game!

PCB Current - Shoot em up game of speed and accuracy. Current flows from left to right frying the circuit on each miss!

Space Trader - Trade between 45 planets in this intergalactic galaxy.

Talking Text - Type the most silly, funny, confusing or weird sentences you can think of and talking text will say it out load.

Grain Equilibrium - This app is for farmers who need to regulate the moisture content in their grain bins

Sky Jump - Jumping, avoiding deadly falls and finding the right path(s) are just some aspects of this game.

Boxisics - When boxes meet physics! This is an exciting game of blasting boxes off plateforms.


Programmer - Brian Kechel




(260) 433-3996


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